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Meeting point CBB 2018: Supporting Program

Supporting Program CBB 2016

Supporting Program CBB 2016

CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE is Asia´s leading platform for the beverage and liquid food industry. The number one Event offers a unique combination: The trade fair works as top-selling market place and as future-oriented knowledge center.

In 2018 CBB offered a first-class supporting program of events: The program of trade events accompanying the show focuses on the future of the Chinese beverage industry, covers main themes and offers significant added value to exhibitors and visitors.

Here you will find an overview of conferences, forums and networking platforms that took place at CBB 2018:


CBB Forum – the future for the industry

The CBB Forum gives the participants a chance to listen to notable national and international experts presenting trends and solutions that move the entire beverage and liquid food industry. The forum is dedicated to the two main topics: sustainability and digitalization

National and international renowned speakers from the beverage and liquid food industry have agreed to speak at the CBB Forum. The following have confirmed their participation:

Prof. William Chen: “Fermentation for Upcycling of Brewer’s Spent Grains: Potential for Zero Waste Food Processing and Circular Economy”

We have developed 2 layers of technology for upcycling of Brewer’s Spent Grains (BSG): fermentation using food-grade and non-GM microbes allowing extraction of nutrients, and single-step treatment allowing extraction of biodegradable cellulose from the remaining solid residues. Our innovations have demonstrated the feasibility of Zero Waste Food Processing , as well as Circular Economy.


Dr. Winston Boyd: “Natural Food Colorants: “Clean Label” Challenges and Rewards

This presentation will cover the types of naturally derived food colorants which are generally approved for use in major global markets. We will touch on regulatory matters as they relate to the availability of natural food colorants.  An overview of performance in food and beverage applications will be presented, and there will be a discussion of some of the most common challenges in specific food and beverage applications.


Dr. Sylvain Charlebois: “To Address Lurking Food Safety and Fraud Concerns, can Blockchain Technologies be the Answer?”

There has been a lot of noise on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin of late. While some suggest cryptocurrencies are a fraud, others believe them to be the next economic revolution the world has seen since the internet. Bitcoin has brought to light the interesting concept of blockchain technology which offers great potential for the agrifood sector. Yet it is far from being the panacea for diverse issues affecting the industry, at least not yet. Charlebois’ talk is about the use of new technologies in the food industry, current trends and everything else in between.


Dr. Ning Ding: “Explore the future of digital enterprises in the  food & beverage industry” 

In order to meet dynamic and diversified market demands, how do digital twins Support the digital transformation of food & beverage manufacturers?


Clemens, Richard

Richard Clemens VDMA – German Engineering Federation – Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association: “Digital solutions for the food and beverage industry: Challenges – Use cases – Future outlook”

The digitalization of production, the networking of components, machines and systems via the internet is steaming ahead. Significant aspects of Industrie 4.0 or IoT have already become reality. Machines are equipped with sensors, radio modules, and measuring instruments; their data helps to monitor and control the production processes.

In the future, machines will not only provide information about all important process and system status, but they will also communicate with each other and take corrective action as well as optimize production processes without human intervention.

Vladyslav Latypov

Vladyslav Latypov (Fraunhofer): “Indoor urban farming in the city of the future: potentials for food and algae cultivation and the beverage industry”

Population growth and urbanization are leading to a higher demand for food and resources, especially in cities. Against this background, urban farming concepts have evolved to bring parts of food and resource production back into the cities, lessen the burden of agricultural production and promote local production and supply sources.



Round Table Talks – China´s beer and beverage market: Trends, technologies, market demands and future outlooks

The Round Table Talks highlight the topics that are currently moving the beverage, PET and packaging industry. Experts state their point of view followed by an open discussion.

Main topic: China’s beer and beverage market: Trends, technologies, market demands and future outlooks

Sub topics:

– Beer and beverage trends and needs in China

– Dairy trends in China

– Innovative production concepts

– Demands of different target groups (e.g. elder people, city vs. rural areas)

– Traditional flavours translated to modern products

– Packaging trends and technologies for beer and beverages

– Local vs. nationwide production

– Recycling challenge and ideas for beverage packaging

– Internationality: Chinese products in Asian countries and vice versa


International Beer Smart Factory & Brewing Technology Forum

The International Beer Smart Factory & Brewing Technology Forum focuses on the beer brewing processing technology and modern smart beer factories in China.

Date: October 24, 2018

Venue: W9 Meeting Room


Exhibitor Technology Seminar

Exhibitors can introduce their new products or advanced technology on this platform.

Date: October 23-25, 2018

Venue: Meetingroom W1 & W2