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 Instructions on how to apply for a Chinese VISA

To apply for any type of Chinese visa, the following is required:

An invitation letter and a valid original passport with blank pages.

We can provide the invitation letter. The form for the invitation letter will be available later.

More documents are required if applying for other types of visa. Please note that the requirements may be different for your country.

Tourist visa L Airline ticket or the itinerary.
Business visa F An invitation letter/ fax from a Chinese Government department or government-authorized company
Work visa Z An employment permit from the Ministry of Labour or the State Bureau of Foreign Experts of China together with an invitation letter from the company authorized by the Chinese Government
Student visa X JW-201 or JW_202 form issued by the Ministry of Education of China and a letter of admission from a Chinese University / College
Transit Visa G A valid visa for the country of destination and the letter from the department of work unit. Duration of transit visa is about 7 days. For British passport holder, a Chinese visa is required even to stop over in an airport of China
Journalist Visa J-1



A letter from the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai or Guangdong Municipality Government and a letter from the work unit.
Permanent Visa D: A Permit letter from a local government of China
Visa validity A single or double entry visa is usually valid for entry within 3 month from the date of issue. The multi-entry visa is divided into three categories, namely half a year / one year / two to five years visa
Duration of stay / number of entries Duration of stay of a visa may vary. It is possible to extend the duration of stay of a visa in China. Visa is always required wherever you enter the Chinese mainland even from Hong Kong or Macao
Requirements towards passport A There must be at least one totally blank page in the passport. Pages for endorsements or amendments can not be used as a visa page
B Single or double entry visa require a passport valid for at least 6 months. For multiple entry visa, a passport should be valid for at least 9 Months A photo of the person using said passport should be affixed to the form. The full visa fee will apply
Where to apply for a

Chinese visa

Applicants should apply for the Chinese visa in person or through a third party (e.g. travel agencies).

It takes 2 weeks to process the application, so there is no same day or express service. It is recommended that your passport(s) should be sent by registered mail for security and proof of mailing purposes. Please enclose a self addressed envelope, the visa application form and payment (visa fee and service fee – see item: visa fee).

NOTES 1 The application for a visa may be declined if the applicant fails to provide with true and complete information on the visa application form.
2 The applicant should check the issued visa upon collection and, if necessary raise any queries at the same. Once accepted, they should follow the content of the visa while visiting China. If there is no immediate inquiry relating to the issued visa, the applicant is held responsible under any circumstances thereafter.


The person holding X, D, or J-1 visa shall go through residential formalities in the local public security departments of China within 30 days of the date of entry.
4 The applicant should not engage in activities incompatible with his / her status when he/she enters China
5 For foreign visitors employment in the territory of China is prohibited without approval